Sunday P. M. (post mortem)

A nice early fall day, not raining as it has from time to time recently. I should be out and about but a temporary problem has me in my chair with heating pad alternating with ice pack, on back/hip muscles.

I’ve never watched an opera for more than a few minutes. This afternoon I thought I would sit down and watch one all the way through. It was on PBS, of course, and was entitled  “Candrillon.

Turns out it is the story of Cinderella. So, since I know the story, I was a bit bothered that they stopped the story constantly to sing about it, but then that’s what an opera is.

Now, I don’t know why but the part of the prince is being played by a woman. They’ve given her a masculine haircut and probably bound her chest. Her features could pass as male and she’s slightly thick in the middle, but she sings in a high female voice. I can’t seem to get that all put together.

I’ve made it through an hour now but I can’t stand the suspense of waiting for the big glass slipper scene . I think I’ll leave PBS now because tonight at 8:00 I am, for once, going to try their new continued story “The Miniaturist.”

I’m finding it difficult to find a good movie. I have NETFLIX and I’ve watched the first ten minutes of many movies but I see few through to the end. I wish I had written down and kept the names of the ones I did like.

One I have enjoyed is a British movie called Wentworth. It is a women’s prison story but much different from our Orange is the new Black. Acting is excellent and I continued to watch it mostly because of one actress who was so great I’ve followed her through five seasons and am now watching season 6.

It has taken me years to figure out that I always have choices and I don’t have to finish every book I start. I don’t have to stay with one project if another suits me better. Life has to be fun and rewarding. That’s what we came equipped to handle and to enjoy.

If you know of any good movies either in theaters or on TV, we’d all like some recommendations.



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