Screenplay . . . . .


Really really cold this morning. I lit the fireplace (with a button on the wall),  Keurig’ed a steaming cup of coffee and placed it by my chair. But before sitting I went to the front door to look out for signs of the weather. It was a quiet day with no hint of  trouble, except for one thing. It was snowing, one flake at a time floating down slowly, then joining the mish mash of  old slow on the ground.  The flakes in the air were few and far between but the view was interesting and i wanted a picture of it.

I went into my office, picked up my iPhone from the desk and took a picture through the picture window. (After all, what are picture windows for?)  Actually it wasn’t a picture window but three large windows in a grouping. When I looked at the photo I couldn’t see a single flake.  I saw my front yard as a generality, outlining few details.

Now, over coffee, I thought about that. It came to me that we are all looking at life through a screen. It is a screen that was placed there by teachings, experience and observations in our early learning years. It has served a purpose. Just like the screens on the window, the ones in our mind keep out thoughts or ideas that we fear may be harmful. But at times they also keep us from seeing the big picture.

I remember hot sticky days on the farm in Iowa when I was a child. Usually when such a day ushered in a thunderstorm, the old screen door was completely covered with flies. We were not to open that door unless it was an absolute must. When we did open the door we walked into a wall of flies, and of course some escaped into the kitchen. And there some of them met a slow frantic death when they landed on a long string of sticky coiled paper hanging from the ceiling.

We do that too. We take a second look at something we experience or at thoughts that have been introduced to our mind, and we decide whether to live with it or to shoo it out the door. (I’m not one to kill things, even ideas. There may be truth there for someone)

You may think it a strange comparison, but as I think of it I realize I have utilized my time spent in Honolulu to step out of old patterns, to stand apart and rethink my beliefs, my life’s direction. Although there may be flies up-island where there are crops and cattle and horses, there in the city by the sea few people have screen windows, few people have screen doors. When I go to my lanai to think, to write, to look down on the scene from a high floor, I leave my sliding door open.

I think someone recently visited this page and was offended, perhaps, by my poem about our differences. The poem that ended with “We take turns. Be patient. Be grown-up.”

Now, after one group lost and another gained the House of Reps, I wish she would read the poem again. It speaks both ways.

Sometimes we all need to remove our screens and wash the windows.







2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jo
    Nov 13, 2018 @ 08:00:03

    Enjoyed!, love ya!

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Frances Lehleitner
    Dec 01, 2018 @ 12:32:03

    We think about you every night when the news comes on and we watch the weather maps sweeping the storms across the nation. We always check whether Nebraska is included and wonder if you are shivering and dreaming of Hawaii….
    So far, no snow here; lots of rain lately, and even some sunny, balmy feeling afternoons when it seems warmer than the 50 degrees or so the thermometer shows. We’ll be off to Mexico three weeks from today,
    . See you in paradise for Scrabble!


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